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Aims Of The Project

A Unique Proposal

The Ainsdale Community Wildlife Trust have developed a credible alternative to house building for the site.

The creation of a low dune reserve which will allow the community access to the rich fauna and flora of this special area.

As a Trust we have the support of environmental professionals who in recent months have conducted several surveys which have recognised the importance of the area as a wildlife site. The Trust proposals have been presented to Sefton Council and further updates will be provided at the appropriate time. Our proposal will highlight and compliment the environmental richness of Ainsdale.

Ecological & Environmental Benefits

The Trust will recreate a low dune habitat of high conservation value.

Land conditions in this area vary and brings with it an opportunity for a wide variety of plant and wildlife to thrive, some are rare. Links will be made to the Sefton Coastal Path network with a new route linking Ainsdale Station to Hillside Station through the dunes.

Benefits To The Community and Sefton

The Trust will provide the local community with a nature reserve for all to enjoy and appreciate, which will create a feeling of wellbeing.

This proposed asset will add to the diversity of Sefton and provide an additional facility within the Borough. The development of the reserve will provide a return to the original low dune habitat ensuring easy access for everyone. Communication with both schools and organisations will also ensure they have the opportunity to enjoy, and learn.

Cost Savings For Sefton

The project will be funded and maintained by the Trust.

This removes Sefton from any responsibility or burden for maintenance.

The Trust will cover all costs providing an additional asset for Sefton to be enjoyed by the local community and further afield.

The Trust will take all responsibility for the management of the site and monitor visitor numbers. 


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Latest News:  Updated 23/04/2015

Latest News: Updated 1/05/2017

This page now contains any breaking news and recent developments for ACWT, please refer to this for the latest information. We will endeavour to keep you up to date with any recent ACWT related happenings...

February Newsletter

February Newsletter

We have until Friday 27th March 2015 to put forward any objections we may have to the Local Plan and if we are to successfully develop the Nature Reserve. This is outlined on our web site www.acwt.org.uk...

Latest Council News 23/01/2015

Latest Council News 23/01/2015

The local plan was approved by Sefton Council on Thursday 22nd January by 38 – 20 votes at the Council Meeting held at Bootle Town Hall. We Need Your Help!

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